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What My Tenants Say

"We had Amanda as a Landlady for 2 years and we have no complaints. She is friendly and very approachable if you need anything. If an issue ever occured it was dealt with the same day after a quick call - I don’t recall a time we couldnt get through to her. The properties are thoroughly cleaned before new tenants move in and maintained to a high standard. We were even lucky enough to get a brand new bathroom fitted! Overall I would definitely recommend Amanda as a Landlady."

- Luke Venn, Student, Loughborough University

"16 York Road was recommended by one of my friends who had previously stayed there the year before. We heard great reports about how well Amanda kept the house and after accepting tenancy the following year it was clear that these reports were 100% accurate. Amanda is a very good landlady and supplies you with whatever you need. For example, we asked for an extra fridge when we moved in and as soon as we arrived a brand new fridge-freezer had been installed. She was also very quick to deal with any problems - her maintenance contractor lives within a short distance and is available if things need fixing. She regularly popped in to check that everything was ok, and if we had any issues she dealt with them very promptly."

- Harriet Kinsey, Student, Loughborough University

"Amanda is a great Landlady! As soon as we have a problem someone is there within 24 hours to fix it, which is a great bonus compared with the larger companies letting houses in Loughborough. Since all the houses are owned and maintained by Amanda they are kept in great condition."

- Hattie Cooper, Student, Loughborough University

"Amanda was a reliable and friendly landlady who did her upmost to get any problem fixed ASAP. Me and my housemates stayed with her for 2 years running and I have no complaints. She is very honest and her houses are high quality - I would highly recommend her to any student."

- Sam Terry, Student, Loughborough University

"Very easy to deal with throughout our tenancy, always available to contact and always happy to help."

- Charlie Fletcher, Student, Loughborough University